Canada-Israel Energy Science and Technology Fund (CIEST Fund)

Overview of CIEST Fund CFP


In December 2012, the Government of Canada through Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) selected the Canada-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (CIIRDF) to deliver and manage the new Canada-Israel Energy Science and Technology Fund (CIESTF). NRCan is committing $5 million to the CIEST Fund over the next three years with matching funds to be allocated by the Government of Israel on a project-by-project basis. Leveraging investment from both countries, the fund is expected to generate $20 to $40 million in collaborative research and development (R&D).   


The CIEST Fund will support high-quality industry-led R&D partnerships between Canada and Israel. These collaborations will spur the development of innovative energy technologies and processes to enable the responsible development of unconventional oil and gas resources, including applications to address environmental challenges. The Fund promotes innovation that will reduce environmental impact associated with energy exploration, extraction, processing and production. The Fund will also consider initiatives on other critical energy sources, such as renewable energy, of interest to both countries.

Areas of Focus

The CIEST Fund will enable Canadian and Israeli companies and academic researchers to cooperate on the development of new innovations that address shared energy priorities. Primary priority will be given to R&D projects in unconventional oil and gas; it is expected that 75 percent of project dollars will be allocated to this priority area.  Other areas of focus include: energy efficiency in buildings, communities, industry and transportation; bioenergy and clean electricity generation; and the electrification of transportation.   

Initial CIEST Funding Opportunities

CIIRDF hosted initial CIEST Fund bilateral partnership development activities with Canadian and Israeli companies, researchers and other innovators in Tel Aviv, Israel; Calgary, Alberta; and Toronto, Ontario in early 2013.

**CIEST Fund has been fully allocated to qualified bilateral energy R&D projects.

For additional information about the CIEST Fund, please contact:  


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